Rescheduling 2nd Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine appointments

Due to new advice from the UK Chief Medical Officers, there is a need to reschedule all 2nd coronavirus vaccination appointments. These appointments were scheduled to take place at Cirencester Hospital  between the 12th & 14th January 2021 and all affected patients will be contacted directly.

The new medical advice is that the second dose of the vaccine remains effective when given up to 12 weeks after the first dose, and should be given towards the end of this 12 week period. While you will need two doses of the vaccine to get the best long-term protection from the virus, you will still have significant protection after the first dose.

The new guidance will help ensure that as many people as possible benefit from the first dose of the vaccine as soon as possible.

We are currently unsure when we will be able to book appointments for 2nd doses, but we will contact patients as soon as we know. You do not need to call us. We will contact you in due course to reschedule your second appointment.

It is important to note that even when you have received your vaccine, you must follow government guidance on social distancing and wearing a mask, as well as the additional measures in place in your area.

We apologise for any inconvenience but this situation is out of our control.

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